Services Provided by Special Education Centres/ Institutes

  1. Assessment, Diagnostic and Referral services.
  2. Educational and Pre-vocational trainings (Primary to Secondary for Children with Physical and Visual Disabilities & Primary to Graduation level for Hearing Impaired Children).
  3. Curriculum development.
  4. Mobile Library and Resource Centre.
  5. In-service training of professionals in the field of Special Education and Rehabilitation.
  6. Therapeutic Interventions through Assistive Aids.
  7. Provision of Audiological services, Speech therapy, Physiotherapy,Occupational therapy, Music therapy and Agro-therapy.
  8. Braille training.
  9. Printing and provision of Braille books
  10. Orientation, Mobility and Daily living skills.
  11. Vocational, technical training and Skill development.
  12. Community based Rehabilitation.
  13. Promoting sports and recreational activities.
  14. Provision of free of cost pick & drop facility to the students.
  15. Boarding and Lodging facilities to enrolled students.
  16. Holding of Seminars, Events, Workshops, Conferences, and Awareness campaigns.
  17. Counseling & Guidance.